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Thinxtream has extensive experience with Mulesoft® software. We use Mulesoft runtime engine™ (ESB) for building enterprise IoT solutions involving integration with existing disparate systems. Features such as easy composition and integration of services, in built data transformation, configuration over conventional coding, built-in connectors help Thinxtream to deliver integration for IoT solutions rapidly.

Thinxtream has vast experience in following core areas:

  • Design, development expertise in ESB/API solution using Anypoint™ Studio
  • Manage users, analyze traffic, and secure APIs with policies using Anypoint API Manager™
  • Build connectors, implement data and application integration flows using Anypoint Design Center
  • Deploy and manage all of your Mule® applications from one central location, whether your apps are running in the cloud or on-premises using Anypoint Runtime Manager
  • Save, Save, share, discover, and reuse APIs, connectors, and templates using Anypoint Exchange
  • Build custom connectors using Anypoint Connectors™ DevKit
  • Design and implementation of Mule Transactions, Message Filters, Message Translators, Scatter-Gather integration patterns
  • Use Standard Mule Connectors like HTTP, FILE, Database, JMS, SalesForce, etc. as part of Integration Usage
  • Publish enterprise grade APIs using RAML
  • Transforming complex data formats using DataWeave™
  • Publish Mulesoft applications to CloudHub™ and on-prem Mule® enterprise deployments
  • Unit testing and Integration testing of APIs and Mule apps using MUnit


Thinxtream has extensive expertise and experience in using Azure® Logic Apps to integrate with several SaaS systems and enterprise software. The expertise includes designing and implementing workflows leveraging existing connectors to achieve rapid integration and build solutions for B2B and B2C integration in cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid environment.

Thinxtream’s expertise includes:

  • Server-less solution to optimize costs and maintenance requirements
  • Leverage existing connectors or develop custom connectors
  • Visually build or automate complex processes using Logic Apps Designer from Azure portal or Visual Studio
  • Leverage prebuilt templates and workflows for faster solution deployment.
  • Enterprise Service Bus for connecting disparate systems across environments like BizTalk®, SAP®, etc. using Azure Enterprise Integration Pack
  • Support industry standard protocols such as EDIFACT, AS2, and X12 for Enterprise Application Integration and Enterprise Data Interchange standards.
  • Seamless B2B communication using Agreements and Certificates between Host and Guest Partners
  • Complex Data Transformations, Protocol encoding/decoding, Schema Validations using XML and JSON
  • Deploy logic apps as templates to reuse and reconfigure apps across environments
  • Extensible with Custom Connectors and On-demand Azure Functions
  • Integration with other server-less Azure services like Azure Flow and Azure Functions
  • Integration with Azure API Management, Database systems, Azure Service Bus and Azure Web Jobs to build a complete end-to-end cloud solution for enterprise
  • CI-CD integrated with Visual Studio Online/Desktop for DevOps based development practices



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