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Contextual commerce service


Thinxtream has a ready Contextual Commerce “as a service” solution platform that allows you to roll out incremental IoT service offerings to end-customers either directly or through partners or in a hybrid approach.

After an initial set of startup customization services, these Smart Services can be rolled out rapidly with Thinxtream taking on complete operational responsibility of running the service as a “white labeled service” with your branding, or as a Thinxtream service.

Various “outcome-based” business models can be offered based on the offering to significantly reduce your IoT implementation risk and yet gain a major competitive advantage in your industry.

It enables traditional device manufacturers meet the competitive challenges posed by “digital natives”, who are transforming customary after-market transactional supplies replenishment to a subscription-based model. Our Contextual Commerce Service solution offers just in time (JIT) – “never run out of supplies” using real-time usage sensing and predicting low supplies triggers for auto-fulfillment or auto-replenishment.


The Thinxtream Contextual Commerce Service solution comprises three components, a demand sensing agent on the desktop or smartphone, a managed cloud service and tools for stakeholder engagement.


  • Designed for easy, independent installation by your customers, it can be a standalone app or bundled with other apps
  • Discovers devices and senses their needs by reading machine data, or by visual or derived mechanisms or by human-assisted means
  • Operates in a 1:1 or a 1:n device environment
  • Offers edge intelligence for local processing and secure encrypted transfer through various choice of protocols including firewall friendly ones to the cloud service
  • Allows configuration of frequency and mechanisms of data collection
  • Facilitates remote management without any local intervention including remote upgrades, updates, configuration
  • Runs on smartphones, embedded appliances, network routers, PCs, etc. with low footprint stack
  • Agnostic to any manufacturer’s models across industries


  • Aggregates demand data across sources
  • Matches demand with supply
    • What demand, what supply offering (SKU catalogs), who will fulfill and how
    • Routes demand to supply chain, inventory, payment & fulfilment functions
    • Feeds contextual real-time data to Ecommerce, CRM, other business systems
  • Enables rules and moderation
  • Enables device/service lifecycle management
  • Integrates with business systems, Ecommerce platforms
  • Enables data analytics
    • Demand prediction
    • Usage insights
    • Real-time inventory projection
    • Supply chain management
    • Manpower and inventory location
    • R&D inputs
    • Cross-sell, upsell
    • Predictive service


  • Reference apps/portals/installers that can be customized with branding
  • Customer, Dealer, Employee onboarding
  • Dashboards for various stake holders – OEMs/Service providers, Dealers, Customers
  • Customer Engagement – mail, notifications
  • Analytics and tracking
Thinxtream Contextual Commerce Service



For products involving consumables and replaceable parts, auto-fulfillment or auto-replenishment of supplies is a true win-win scenario for all involved. While your customers experience a significant convenience and peace of mind, this Smart Service based on Thinxtream Contextual Commerce Service solution can dramatically improve your efficiencies with much less effort. With a highly accurate estimate of the consumption, it is easy to streamline supply needs and avoid overstocking. A timely and prompt replenishment service reduces the scope for comparison shopping by your customers and increases loyalty. These, in turn, allow for a more profitable and predictable margins on an otherwise transactional revenue stream.

  • Real-time demand sensing and tracking from opportunity to fulfilment
    • Trigger proactive fulfilment of demand automatically without human intervention
    • Enable monetization by directing orders to online or offline fulfilment
    • Increase revenue and margins by operating a targeted, integrated and efficient service
    • Integrate with commerce and fulfillment channels for end-to-end service
    • Enhance customer lock-in
  • Direct/better control of critical revenue channels


Thinxtream Contextual Commerce Service can provide actionable intelligence on device usage and behaviour that helps you increase revenues and customer satisfaction. This Smart Service gives you visibility and insight for real-time demand forecasting up to SKU-level, and satisfy long-tail demand. It minimizes shopping cart abandonment and significantly improves conversion rates, and enables switching from a transactional relationship to continuous, long-term engagement.

  • Accurate and real-time device, user and usage data based insights that enable
    • Up-sell, cross-sell opportunities
    • Optimized inventory management
    • Marketing campaign planning & impact
    • Competitive intelligence
    • Superior customer experience



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