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Thinxtream can rapidly enable
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As an AWS® Consulting Partner, Thinxtream leverages the power of the AWS® IoT Platform services to deliver value added IoT solutions quickly. With strong backing of AWS IoT components, Thinxtream is able to help customers to deliver new business models driven by real-time data, release IoT products which improve over time, operate at increased efficiency and carry out intelligent decision making.

Over the years, Thinxtream has delivered IoT solutions in consumer, industrial and enterprise domains and built a strong expertise in following core services from AWS IoT:

  • Manage onboarding, indexing, search and over the air updates of fleet using AWS IoT Device Management
  • AWS Automatic provisioning with Just-in-Time registration to improve efficiency during device onboarding
  • Bring intelligence to the edge and device by using AWS Greengrass™
  • Secure long lived connections with bi-directional communication with TLS mutual authentication over MQTT, WebSockets, HTTP using AWS Device Gateway
  • AWS Fine grained policy which offer per-device and per-user control
  • Scalable, low-latency, reliable message routing using AWS Message Broker and Rules Engine
  • Leverage AWS Device Shadow to maintain real-time sync between device and its cloud representation
  • Route Device Data to and from AWS services using AWS IoT Rules Engine
  • Analyze streaming data from the device using Amazon Kinesis™
  • Make machine learning predictions using AWS Machine Learning and Amazon Elastic MapReduce™
  • Collect data from multiple sources, pre-process and enrich, store, run ad-hoc and in-depth queries using AWS IoT Analytics
  • Audit device configuration, monitor behavior, identify anomalies, generate alerts and patch vulnerabilities using AWS IoT Device Defender



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