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Thinxtream is your ideal IoT solutions implementation partner

When you have decided to implement an IoT solution for your business, you are faced with not just technology decisions but also commercial decisions.

Thinxtream offers a range of business models for you based on engagement scope, Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) ownership and branding requirements.

When you are desirous of owning the IPRs of your custom IoT solutions, we work in traditional developments models based on fixed price, if your specifications are firm, or time & materials, if the specifications are still evolving. Once the IoT product is developed, you could continue to leverage our teams for sustenance and enhancements in the time & materials model. Obviously, you will badge the custom IoT product with your own brand in this model.

When you have decided to leverage Thinxtream’s IoT products/solutions and IPRs, we offer them in a traditional perpetual/annual software licensing or annual software-as-a-service business models. We may also opt to work with you in a revenue sharing model, with or without a base fee. In addition, we could charge you non-recurring expenses (NRE) fees to address any unique product/solution customization required by you.

You have a range of branding options if you are licensing our IoT products/solutions – you can white-label our product with your brand, you can co-brand it with Thinxtream or we can brand it for you and operate a turnkey solution. In each option, our scope of responsibility varies and we charge you an appropriate fee.


  • Project-to-project
  • Whole product or specific component/module
  • Entire product lifecycle or specific phases (e.g., validation)
  • Turnkey offering – development, branding, listing, support
  • Managed services


  • Exclusive – you own the IPRs
  • Joint – we share the IPRs
  • Licensing – we own the IPRs


  • Fixed Price – based on specific project scope, fixed deliverables and definite timelines
  • Time & Materials – based on effort and expenses for evolving project scope, iterative deliverables and changing timelines
  • Licensing – based on perpetual or annual fee models, lump sum or variable device based fee models, annual SaaS fee models
  • Revenue sharing – based on device deployments or outcomes (e.g., leads, shipments, etc.)


  • White-labeled – with your branding
  • Co-branded – joint branding with Thinxtream
  • Thinxtream branded – with our branding



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