An advanced platform for rapid realization of your IOT vision

Feature Highlight

Flexible Deployment

DeviceMaestro Smart is the only platform that supports multiple deployment models and adapts to your business needs

DeviceMaestro Smart Field Gateway is a small footprint solution that can be integrated into the device, executed from a network gateway or a computing appliance connected to the device. The Field Gateway is also available as a native implementation for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. This allows smartphones and tablets to be used for device aggregation eliminating the need for expensive, custom hardware.

DeviceMaestro Server is a massively scalable, enterprise-grade software that can be deployed in-premise or on public/private clouds including AWS and Microsoft Azure.

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Secure Environment

Supports communication over public and private networks without compromising device, network and site security. Implements multi-tenanted database for different customers and partners.

Device Agnostic

Manages multi-vendor, mixed device type deployments using pre-defined and custom templates. Supports unified monitoring and control with discovery, provisioning, heartbeats, alerts, firmware updates and more features.

Rapid Development

Supports dynamic addition of new connectivity protocols and device classes. Provides rich APIs, complex event processing & rules engine and business process modeling tools to accelerate custom implementations.

Massively Scalable & Reliable

Supports independent scaling of workloads and linear scaling for high velocity data aggregation. Implements a highly available and fault tolerant architecture for reliable processing.

Highly Interoperable

Integrates 120+ business systems such as SAP®, Salesforce®, LinkedIN® and Oracle® with pre-built connectors. Provides RESTful APIs for programmatic integration.

Big Data Support

Designed for massively scalable databases with industry leading performance. Supports time-series data management, high velocity data ingestion and real-time data analytics.

Agile Administration

Update new releases with zero downtime. Supports comprehensive monitoring and reporting of system health. Configurable, system generated alerts to assist in early identification and resolution of issues.


Our solutions manage over a million devices in the field by leading companies in varied industries. The platform is backed by trusted professional services that can help implement high-quality custom solutions.


Uses open standards and best-in-class technologies to avoid expensive vendor lock-ins. Our flexible engagement models are designed to help you evolve your IOT implementations in a phased and cost-effective manner.


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